The Green Goddess is now Blogging!

The Green Goddess is now Blogging!

It is official, we here at The Green Goddesshave finally decided to get with “it” and start to BLOG. Now this is a new concept for us, but we hope it brings great success and interest to us and our knowledge of  Plants, Landscape, BBQs, Fountains and many other indoor and outdoor home decor ideas.  We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have and the courtesy of our staff. We are more than willing to try to help you with anything you might need help with or need a new perspective on. Just come into our 3 acre outdoor show-area and check out the thousands of containers, hundreds of plants and the variety of Fountains we have on display. If we don’t have it on location, we have many catalogs to look through and items we can get!

We have been in business in the Valley for over 40 years. We started as a very small wholesale concrete manufacturing company and indoor plant installation and maintenance company. We were originally located in the town of Paradise Valley. About 19 years ago we picked up and moved to this wonderful location on Bell Road and 41st Street. That is when we opened to the general public. We have grown our location here on Bell Rd greatly in the past 19 years due to the wide demand of products that people find of interest.  We are always looking for any new ideas from our customers and try to make sure we keep up with what people want. If you have an idea or something you can’t seem to find anywhere else, just call us at 602-971-8110 or come in to 4139 E Bell Rd. Phoenix AZ 85032 and talk to us we might be able to track it down for you.

This BLOG is going to include many different areas of our Nursery Business. We will be discussing BBQing and recipes we have tried and loved, Indoor plant ideas and a whole array of plant concepts, Landscaping needs and whats HOT to plant, and also updating everyone on our wonderful Barbeque’s we do here on location. So please follow our BLOG or “Like” us on Facebook.

If you have something of interest related to what we do and you want us to discuss it just make a comment on our Blog with the ideas and we will get them in our line-up for the Blog.

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