Fall Is Coming….Soon?

Fall Is Coming….Soon?

Well, even though Mother Nature seems to be confused about what she is supposed to be doing…getting cooler…we are not. We are prepping for the fall. We just got in the Ceramic Pumpkins that people ask about every year. Now, unless you have children you know you don’t really like to carve pumpkins. These Ceramic Pumpkins are a great way to skip the carving and have a pre-done pumpkin every year without the hassle. This year they came in several different colors. Its almost like we have a rainbow of ceramic pumpkins in our parking lot. Now these festive faces will disappear quickly so come in a get them while we have them in stock.

We also just got in some wonderful little Rock Turtles. They came in a plethora of sizes. Some so small you can use them for a paper weight at your office or so big that it actually could be a Galapagos Turtle in your yard. So come see the cute creatures that are starting to pop up in our Parking lot. You will want to come in a get them before they just use their little legs and start walking themselves out.


Soon we will start to get our Fall flowers in and the bedding rack will be full. In order for this to happen though Mother Nature, must start to cool down. Just keep checking back to see when these flowers arrive the colors will be great and the quality will be wonderful too. You can “like” us on Facebook, look back at this Blog or check out our website in order to stay up to date with what’s happening here at The Green Goddess.

Hope to see you in soon!!!

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