November 2015

October/November is the start of fall and a great time to plant beautiful flowers and delicious vegetable seeds. Planting now will give the roots time to grow and make for a wonderful garden. The first thing to do when preparing your garden is get the soil ready. Fertilizing is always a great start along with other nutrients and boosters that are available at Green Goddess. By getting your soil in tip-top condition, this helps produce beautiful flowering plants and tasty vegetables.
Since 1977, Green Goddess has established itself as one of the top five (5) nurseries in Arizona.   One of Green Goddesses premier services is designing spectacular indoor and outdoor landscapes. Having a large facility at their disposal, the results are endless. With so many homes and offices in the area; there have been extensive landscapes designed by our highly professional architects.   It is no wonder that we have been recognized by the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association, Interior Magazine (Best Projects Award) and Phoenix Home and Gardens Magazine. The last six (6) years, Green Goddess’ interior plant scaping has been nominated for and won many rewards.