Custom Barbeques and BBQ Design

icture-005smlA custom built in BBQ grill enhances your outdoor living spaces. Since 1968, The Green Goddess Nursery in Phoenix has created outdoor cooking and dining areas in Phoenix. Our charcoal barbeques are an affordable upgrade to budgets and yards of all sizes.

We take the time to ensure a successful BBQ setup. Your built in barbecue should reflect unique tastes and needs. Coal BBQs each offer unique and common benefits to other barbeque styles.

Our Phoenix Nursery also carries a fully supply of barbeque accessories to make shopping easy. Backed by nearly 50 years of experience, we sell an array of barbeque grill designs.

It is important to set up your built in BBQ to grow with changing needs. As your backyard parties grow, having a surface with adequate cooking capacity is needed. The Green Goddess will advise on the best grill to meet your current and future cooking goals.

The placement of your custom BBQ should make food prep, cooking and serving easier. The Green Goddess will happily recommend a professional to install your new BBQ grill. Your cooking zones will be efficient and safe.

BBQ grills must have minimum clearance to combustible surfaces on all 4 sides. Your fuel hoses and supply cords will be kept away from hot surfaces. This attention to detail maximizes function and safety.

Your landscape design and layout may also affect set up. An installation may consider how trees, shrubs and plants may pose fire risks when setting up your custom grill. Whatever the circumstances, we work with trusted sources for BBQ installation.

You will prepare meals with a commanding view of guests and yard spaces. This allows you to entertain in a more interactive fashion. We take pride in helping you enjoy outdoor cooking in Phoenix.

Please contact us at (602) -971-8110 for a consultation.