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Happy New Year 2017

Our weather in “the valley of the sun” is quite different from the rest of the country.  We have two main growing seasons.  The first is mid-February until the end of May and the second is September to mid-November.

January is really considered the only winter month in the Phoenix area. As a result, care for your existing plants, shrubs and trees require little maintenance except to spray your dormant shrubs with water, prune your roses and deciduous trees (which are trees that lose their leaves seasonally, a tree that is shedding its leaves) and watch out for freeze warnings. Continue reading


Phoenix Monsoon Season

Protect your home garden and a great time to plant

With Monsoon season upon us, generally lasting from June 15th to September 30th, the Phoenix area may get a break from the high temperatures, but with monsoon weather you can expect thick humidity, lots of lightening, thunder, rain and wind as well as the occasional “haboob”; a thick sandstorm created by the dust and sand that exists in our desert area.

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Fall Flowers and Veggies

October/November is the start of fall and a great time to plant beautiful flowers and delicious vegetable seeds. Planting now will give the roots time to grow and make for a wonderful garden.

The first thing to do when preparing your garden is get the soil ready. Fertilizing is always a great start along with other nutrients and boosters that are available at Green Goddess. By getting your soil in tip-top condition, this helps produce beautiful flowering plants and tasty vegetables. Continue reading


Custom Exterior and Interior Landscape Design

Since 1977, Green Goddess has established itself as one of the top five (5) nurseries in Arizona.   One of Green Goddesses premier services is designing spectacular indoor and outdoor landscapes. Having a large facility at their disposal, the results are endless.

With so many homes and offices in the area; there have been extensive landscapes designed by our highly professional architects.   It is no wonder that we have been recognized by the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association, Interior Magazine (Best Projects Award) and Phoenix Home and Gardens Magazine. The last six (6) years, Green Goddess’ interior plant scaping has been nominated for and won many rewards.

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Palm Trees in Arizona

Palm Trees are a fixture in the Phoenix area and due to our tropical like climate, they are easy to grow and maintain. Your Green Goddess specialist can help you with the selection of a Palm Tree. There are many varieties of palms from large to small. If you choose a larger palm we offer delivery and will plant it for you. Here are a few Palm Trees that are easy to grow and look great! Continue reading


Legal Medicinal Plants

Throughout history, plants have been used as cures for many things and the use of herbal remedies is still a staple of non-industrialized societies. With the ability to synthesize many chemical compounds, plants have the ability to provide natural compounds that are similar to chemical compounds used in drugs manufactured today.

Asian and African countries are estimated to rely on herbal medicine for 80 percent of their cures! The use of herbs and spices as medicine predates written human history and has been found in pre-historic burial sites. Continue reading


Fruit Trees that Grow Well in the Desert Area

Whether you have lived in the desert areas of the southwest United States for many years or are just moving to the area, an exciting feature are the many fruit trees that can be planted on your property. When coming from the colder parts of our country, the thought of going out to your yard and retrieving a fresh grapefruit or orange is always at the top of the list for anyone in the Phoenix area.

In this article The Green Goddess will give you a list of some of the easiest fruit trees to plant and maintain. Continue reading


Sunlight and Plants

How much sunlight a plant needs is always a tricky topic when planting decorative plants around your home or placing potted ones inside your home or office.

In this article we will go over various types of popular plants and show you which ones need a lot of light, partial light or grow nicely in mostly shaded areas. It is funny how it always seems to be that the area near your home or office where you wish to plant beautiful and colorful flowering plants always has the least amount of sunlight.

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Desert Landscaping

Living in a desert area can present many problems when choosing plants, trees or any foliage to decorate the exterior of your home or business. A beautiful alternative to conventional grass and plants is desert landscaping.

Most people used to think desert landscape as a boring assortment of sand and rocks. This is not true anymore! Desert landscapes dot our community with a wide assortment of creative designs that are not only appealing to look at but very easy to maintain. Continue reading


Plants that are dangerous to pets

Green Goddess offers the largest variety of plants in the Phoenix area. Many of these colorful plants with a beautiful aroma help decorate the area surrounding your home as well as attractive additions to the inside of your house. Knowing which plants may be harmful to your pets is very important in the location you plant them.

In this article Green Goddess will talk about which plants are toxic and poisonous to your four legged pals, and should be planted where they cannot be eaten. Continue reading


Phoenix AZ Plant Nursery

Green Goddess Nursery and Foliage Company has established itself as the only place to go in the Phoenix area for plants, barbeques, pots, fountains and so much more. With over 3 acres of display area and a 700 sq ft greenhouse facilities; Phoenix and the surrounding area has been relying on The Green Goddess since 1977 for plant and tree selection as well as expert help in any of your foliage needs.

With 1000’s of pots and fountains to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the one that is right for you. Whether it’s the beautiful Granada pot that comes in different sizes and colors and is styled with stunning fluted edges; or the distinctive Basket Weave planter in a peach color is a beautiful addition on any property. Continue reading


How to reduce plant damage from freezing

Living in sunny Phoenix, Arizona one would never expect that plants being injured or dying by freezing overnight temperatures was a concern. Believe it or not it happens more than you would think and here are a few tips from Green Goddess Nursery that may help save your plants when those sudden freezing temperatures occur.

When purchasing your plants ask your Green Goddess Gardening expert if the plant is classified a “hardy” plant which can tolerate freezing temperatures for a short period of time or a “tender” plant which is more likely to be injured or die during temperatures in the freezing range. Continue reading


Green Goddess Tree Care Tips – Phoenix Tree Care

Proper watering is the most important thing to maintaining a healthy tree. Recommending an exact amount is difficult due to the variety of climate, soil and type of tree, but a good rule of thumb is to make sure the water soaks deep to the roots and must dry thoroughly between watering.

When planting a new tree; water immediately and daily for a week. The first two years are critical in the care and survival of your tree, since the new tree uses a lot of energy establishing its roots in the soil. Dealing with heat and drought make growing your new tree difficult, and making sure your tree gets the proper amount of water is essential. Continue reading


Phoenix Grills Cleaning & BBQ Maintenance Tips

Keeping your barbeque grill clean is an essential task for enjoying that all American tradition of grilling. To appreciate the great taste of what you are barbequing while using Green Goddess’ Kamado Joe Grill or one of our Primo Grills; the grease build up needs to be eliminated both on the top and bottom grill grates. To begin this process it is recommended to close the top of your grill to allow the internal temperature to heat up causing the grease to burn off, leaving a smoky residue. This takes approximately 15-20 minutes. It is much easier to maintain if you do this after each grilled meal to keep the task at hand. One very important thing to remember is to turn the grill off or put it out once this burn off is complete. If you fail to do this, you will find yourself with no charcoal, propane or pellets if left on all night; not to mention the danger. Continue reading


Best Winter Plants for Phoenix

Winter flowers in Phoenix increase the beauty of your yard in an easy and affordable way. While our desert climate features year-round sunshine and a warm climate; the Phoenix area can have occasional frost, cooler temps and gray skies during the winter months.

This weather change affects the types of garden plants and flowers you may choose. Thankfully, chillier weather opens up many options to increase the biodiversity and color of your garden with lovely yet hardy semi-annual flowers.

Here are some choices for the best fall & winter plants for Phoenix. Please contact us to learn more!

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Best Plants for the Phoenix Desert

Choosing the best plants for Phoenix weather must consider several factors. The year round sunshine and dry climate affects what foliage can thrive. Your time to water, fertilize and maintain flowering plants or perennials should be kept in mind.

A garden is a mini-ecosystem and planting invasive species can crowd out native plants, while introducing  pests, such as beetles or aphids. Of course, buying new plants should match your budget, which includes installation and follow up care. Continue reading


Organic Pest Control for Plants and Gardens

3 Homemade Solutions

Organic bug killers for plants are safe solutions to a variety of problems. The benefits of garden pest control  extend to your exterior plants, family and the environment. Your foliage can thrive through all seasons if you know what plant pest control to use in the right amount during the correct season. Pesticide alternatives also keep children and pets safe from exposure to harmful chemicals. Meanwhile, organic ingredients prevent soil damage and do not contaminate the water supply. Continue reading


Taking Care of Plants in Hot Weather

Plant care in Phoenix involves several considerations. A dry climate makes it difficult to maintain soil moisture and other irrigation issues.  Chilly winter mornings often require exterior plants to be brought indoors or covered. Meanwhile, indoor plants need special attention to ensure adequate sunlight during the shorter days.

However, the biggest factor affecting Phoenix plant and tree care is the scorching heat. Your nursery plants will cope with hot weather in different ways. By understanding symptoms and solutions to heat stress in plants, you can ensure the health of your foliage throughout the year.

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Desert Landscaping Ideas in Phoenix

The Arizona desert offers many opportunities and challenges to landscaping. The arid climate can affect the plants, trees and flowers you select. Your ceramics and pots can also complement the desert for distinctive plant designs.

While the options for desert landscaping in Phoenix are endless, there are several factors to consider. These include your location, time and budget.

So, how can you meet yard design goals with minimal sacrifice?

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Phoenix Cactus Care – How to Take Care of Cactus Plants

cuerensisHome plant designs in Phoenix face challenges from a dry climate. The need to ensure soil moisture is critical for plant and tree care throughout the year. This particularly applies to plants that do not store enough water in leaves or stems to cope with heat stress.

Many Phoenix residents turn to cactus and succulent plants as a solution. With proper attention, cacti are able to store enough water in fleshly areas to thrive in the desert. Despite this benefit, proper cactus care is still needed for cacti to thrive.

So, what are best practices to consider when caring for your cactus plants?

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Ivy Care

Ivy care and feeding

Ivy has its unique cultural and environmental needs.  Providing proper water, light, temperature, and fertilizer will help keep your plant healthy.


Your goal is to keep the soil moisten. Allow the top inch of soil to dry between watering. If the container that the ivy is in has a saucer let the water stand no longer than an hour after watering.  Pour all the excess water out.

Given too little water, the ivy’s leaves yellow, then brown; then the leaves and stems fall off.  Unfortunately the symptoms are exactly the same given too much water:  leaves yellow then brown then the stems and leaves fall off.

You can tell which is happing by the feel of the soil.  If it is too wet the soil will be very dry and will clump together.  If it is to dry the soil will be a light color and very loose.

Light and temperatures

Keep the plant away from hot or cold draft and away from doors or heater vents

You can misted the plant during the winter month daily to keep is moist when the air in your home is warm and dry due to the heater use. Regular misting all year long may also combat spider mites and keeps the plant clean adding less chance of  pest problems

Give the ivy plenty of light but avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight this can scorch the leaves

Pruning and fertilizing

Pruning straggly stems will encourage full growth this will generate new vines.

You can fertilize the plant in the spring with a houseplant fertilizer at half strength


Taking Care of Winter Plants through the Cold!

The Green Goddess staff is often asked how plant care may change during winter months. Taking caring of plants in cold weather does entail special considerations that should be followed.

While the Phoenix area enjoys relatively mild winters; chilly mornings and evenings along with low humidity can wreak havoc on interior or exterior plants.

Here are some basic steps to ensure your winter plants are properly cared for during chilly temperatures:

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Some holiday plant tips


Christmas Cactus or Holiday Cactus

  • Keep in a bright window area away from strong heat such as stoves and air vents
  • Keep slightly moist do not allow dry out when in flower. A note of caution this cactus can be easily over watered.  Once a week is just fine for watering  

Bromeliad Plant

  • Keep in a warm bright windowsill that is not in direct sunlight early morning or late afternoon is OK.  
  • Keep slightly moist and use tap water. You can put some water in the pitcher area.  Watering once a week is OK as long as the plant does not get to wet so make sure you check it before you water.


  • Keep in a sunny spot to keep them looking bright and healthy. 
  • Plants should be kept away from strong heat and draft.
  • Allow the plant to dry out slightly to one-third of the way down before watering,  

Have a Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you for your continuing interest in The Green Goddess



There’s More…

Outside Sales

The Green Goddess Nursery and Foliage Company provides a complete design and installation service

We can handle 

  • Planting any and all flowers
  • Potscapeing
  • Lighting        
  • Plantscapeing
  • Fountain setup and design 

Our Design consultant will meet with you and review all the information needed to provide you with a comprehensive proposal detailing the design from the meeting.  This will show the placement of all plant material, lighting, pot placement and other designs aspect.  The outside sales staff will also work very closely with other providers of services to complete work needed.  Along with the proposal, pictures will be provided showing the type of pots, plants and trees requested. 

When all the information is set and you have agreed with the final proposal, our design consultant will set up the day and time for the install.  The design consultant will be overseeing the site throughout the entire time using our trained staff for all aspects of the installation.

If you are interested in having our consultant meet with you please contact the office to set up an appointment please call 602-971-8110.




What we can do for YOU!


The Green Goddess offers a variety of services to assist you the customer with what is needed to enhance you living or work space indoors and out.

We have a guarantee interior foliage maintenance program that allows you to enjoy your interior plants year round without having to worry if you are taking care of them correctly…cause thats our job!

The program is set up with a trained technician that comes in once a week and services the plants. This includes watering, cleaning, fertilizing, trimming and insect control if there are any on the plants.As long as the program is continued any plant that needs to be replaced is done at no cost to you (the customer) on the guarantee program.

Feel free to contact the maintenance department at any time with questions or issues you may have concerning the program 602-971-8110 ext 3.

This is just one more way The Green Goddess can assist you in any of your plant(s) needs.


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